Water Damage Restoration

Do you have flooding or water damage to the point where your carpets are soaked? Call us right away!! Our state of the art tools and techniques can suck the water out of your carpets, saving your beautiful flooring in your home! 

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Water Damage Restoration:

There are few things more frustrating then getting flooding or water damage in your home to the point where your carpets are soaked! Our professional water damage restoration service will investigate the carpet and  materials which were impacted by the water damage and provide the best possible service to save your soaked carpets from needing to be replaced. 

 What is the process of Water Damage Restoration?:

1. Examine and Identify which areas are affected: 

Our Water damage services consist of the examination of the affected location( s) with water detecting equipment such as probes and other infrared tools in order determine the source of the damage, and possible level of area affected. Even if you’ve soaked up much of the carpet with towels and it seems dry- the fibers are most likely still absorbing water that could lead to molding, especially in Oahu’s humid climate. 


2. Drying and Sanitizing: We will then begin our process at your home or business in order to dry the materials, sanitize any affected or cross contaminated areas, and deodorize all affected materials and areas. We utilize our state of the art water damage equipment that consists of air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, ultra drying fans, drying systems, and sub floor drying devices. This process is done to completely dry any and all effected areas of wetness. Even the slightest bit of water left behind can lead to molding- so it is our mission to remove every drop of water in your carpets! 


3. Set up of the long term drying device: After we complete the first step of drying and sanitizing with our state of the art equipment, our technicians start the process of the “long term” drying equipment- meaning we leave this equipment in your home for several days to keep the affected areas dry, and draw out any extra moisture in your carpets. We will come back sporadically during this process to identify temperature level, humidity levels and wetness and of course ensure the equipment is running properly. We also identify if any other areas were affected by the wetness, like walls, furniture or other materials that could have soaked up moisture. 



4. Final Evaluation: After the period of drying time is complete, we do a final inspection to ensure all moisture is gone. We will do an evaluation of the carpets in your home or business to monitor the drying process, and ensure that any moisture extractions are no longer required.


While working within your house performing our water damage restoration services, we will be working around the contents of the home. This consists of working around the following; furniture, electronics, books, and any other materials that may have been affected by the water damage.


The contents might likewise require treatment due to the impacts of water damage. This may include sterilization, deodorization, drying, and storing of the home’s furniture for a period of time to ensure no further damage is done to the contents of our home. 

Once the temperature level, humidity, and wetness content is deemed acceptable and safe according to market standards, the water damage restoration devices will be eliminated and the water damage restoration process is completed. 



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