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We will professionally clean your sofa, couch, recliner chairs, love seats, and any other furniture / upholstery you need cleaned! 

 If you have a stain on your upholstery or simply need it to be spruced up to be clean and smelling fresh, give us a call!  We will first analyze damage or dirt to the upholstery fabric as well as identify what kind of cleaning needs to be done. If there are stains on your upholstery, we’ll take we will utilize our state of the art treatment process to get the stain out. If you have tried some do-it-yourself cleaning, we will require to understand what you’ve tried, and if readily available offer us with the product so we can have a look at what chemicals have been used on the furniture. Unfortunately, oftentimes more damage than good ends up being done when people try to remove stains on their upholstery using store-bought cleaning products. For big jobs, the cleaning should be done with professional-grade cleaning products and done by a trained technician to use the very best cleaning techniques available in the market today.

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Upholstery Stains and Cleaning

The quicker you call us to have a look at your upholstery cleaning, the better. Mold can begin to grow as well as you’ll be dealing with multiple issues if dampness has actually been left in the fabric. With Hawaii’s humid climate, mold can grow rather quickly. We have years of experience cleaning different sorts of upholstery fabrics as well as we understand exactly how to detect the very best cleaning method for you. Even if the upholstery is not stained, it is a good idea to do regular cleaning maintenance for your furniture. Your furniture is an investment and to keep it lasting longer, regular cleanings will help! 

Our upholstery cleaning specialists will certainly supply you with our top quality upholstery cleaning service as well as make some recommendations on preserving your furniture in the future. We understand that your furniture is a significant investment that you have made, which is why we offer the best and most effective upholstery cleaning in Honolulu and on the whole island of Oahu. 

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Getting Professional Upholstery Cleaning on Oahu:

We’ve been cleaning upholstery for over 20 years as well as we know the “gotchas” of upholstery cleaning industry. It’s crucial for professional cleaning companies to fully comprehend exactly how delicate your upholstery fabric can be. Oftentimes upholstery cleaning representatives and various other DIY upholstery cleaners do not get the job done properly and can do more harm than good.

Getting your upholstery skillfully cleaned up is a smart step. Gradually, dirt, allergens, and odors can certainly accumulate in your upholstered sofas, chairs, and also various upholstered furnishings. You may be tempted to rent an upholstery cleaning machine or even purchase a small upholstery cleaning machine to take on the cleaning job on your own. Among the essential items of upholstery cleaning is making sure you draw out all the moisture from the upholstery throughout the cleaning procedure. This is where numerous DIYers leave and fall short. The leftover moisture in the furniture will most likely start to grow mold, especially with Hawaii’s humid climate.

We use industrial-grade tools that will certainly draw out all the wetness out of your upholstery as well as not leave moisture behind.

Leather upholstery cleaning:  

It is a gamble to try to clean your leather upholstery with over-the-counter cleaning products and cleaning tools which often lead to destructive and costly outcomes. The dyes as well as different natural leathers will react in different ways based on what sort of upholstery cleaner you are utilizing, which can often times cause major irreplaceable damage to your leather furniture. We have the knowledge to professionally clean your furniture! 

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Cleaning Area Rugs: 

Area rugs add a splash of color and personality to your home, and can really bring a room together. Just like the regular carpet in your home, accent rugs require regular maintenance and cleaning to maintain the integrity and quality of your area rugs. 

You can actually get your rug to have a much longer lifespan by regularly getting the rug cleaned. Oftentimes pet hair and dirt can stick to the fibers of the carpet, and it actually breaks down the yarn and fibers of the carpet- making it look worn and discolored a lot faster.  

When it comes time to cleaning your area rug, or removing stains from your area rug, it is always best to utilize professional services to ensure the job gets done right.  Call Honolulu’s rug cleaning experts when its time to get your area rug cleaned!   Our specially trained and experienced rug cleaning technicians will clean and revive the colors and integrity of your area rug! 

Whether your rug is silk, wool, synthetic, shag or any other material- we are the best professional rug cleaners in Oahu! Give Carpet Cleaner Honolulu a call today to get your free quote at 808-320-5100.

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