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Carpet Cleaners Honolulu takes carpet cleaning to a whole new level here on Oahu! Beyer Carpet Cleaning is the most dedicated carpet cleaning service Honolulu has ever seen! Whether its carpet cleaning, carpet shampooing, upholstery cleaning, or tile and grout cleaning, we lead the market in finding the most affordable and efficient cleaning services for all your carpet and flooring needs!



Here at Carpet Cleaner Honolulu, we are your local expert carpet cleaning business in Honolulu, using quality, professional and friendly cleaning services for homes and organizations at cost effective rates.


We also offer green carpet cleaning services, which is a 100% Eco-friendly application for carpets and tile. Our carpet cleaning specialists have the understanding and experience it takes to make your carpets totally clean and odor free without toxic chemicals. We understand the value of keeping your carpet and tile clean. You want your carpet and tile clean for not just cleanliness reasons- but it actually increases the value of your home when the carpets are in pristine shape! Getting regular carpet cleaning and shampoo services for your home will help maintain the integrity of your floors! 



Your best choice for carpet cleaning in Honolulu!

Our skilled, professional carpet cleaners will show you how clean carpets are meant to look and smell! We will come to your home or business, assess your needs and get your tile, upholstery or carpet cleaned up to your complete satisfaction. You will be delighted with the results and pleased by our polite, friendly local technicians backed by decades years of carpet cleaning and water damage restoration experience. We treat our customers as family, not just another number like big corporations do! 

Our experience in the cleaning industry has provided us with highly trained service technicians that have great understanding in getting your carpets clean in your house or business. Our expert carpet cleaners have taken their years of experience and knowledge and apply it to our extensive line of cleaning services and high standards that we uphold. 

We have the experience required to clean your carpets in your entire home, any color carpet and any style! We also clean large area rugs as well.  Our professional carpet cleaners, tile cleaning and rug cleaning experts are experienced in all types of carpet stains and pet smells and rely upon our own proprietary cleaning procedures and standards! Our safety and cleaning standards go above and beyond industry standard. We always strive to do the absolute best job and leave your carpets looking as good as new. 


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We happily use green and safe cleaning items for all of our carpet cleaning, these are non-toxic, pet safe, Asthma and Allergy authorized and Indoor Air Quality authorized. Our cleaning products utilized are also Safe for Asthmatic and Allergy and Sensitive Individuals, contain no unpredictable natural compounds and are Green Seal Certified. 


Call Carpet Cleaners Honolulu today at (808) 320-5100 or get your complimentary quote online and our skilled Honolulu carpet cleaning specialists will evaluate the carpets in your house or business and provide a free cleaning quote. You will experience the very best carpet cleaning on the island. We ensure it!

Services we Offer:

Our carpet cleaning company provides a wide variety of services developed by our professional carpet cleaners who have been in the business for decades! We are the leading Carpet Cleaning experts in Honolulu, Oahu! 

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Carpet Cleaning

Our top carpet cleaning specials consists of pre spray, stain removal, deodorizer and a deep steam clean. If you have dirty carpets this is for you!  You can’t beat our amazing services for a safe reliable cleaning of your home or business carpeting. Call us today! Our Honolulu Carpet Cleaning experts are all set to find an option that fits your needs. Here at Carpet Cleaner Honolulu, turning dirty carpets clean is the name of our game! We get so excited to show our customers their sparkling clean carpets after they hadn’t seen them so clean in years! You won’t believe your eyes! Some of our carpet cleaning services include carpet shampooing, wine stain removal, pet stain removal, pet odar removal, flood restoration, emergency water removal and emergency water extraction. Is humidity causing your carpets to mold and look horrible? Give us a call today and we will get you on the road to better carpet days! 

Pet Stain Removal / Pet Odor Removal

Here at Carpet Cleaner Honolulu, we love pets- and we are sure you love your pets too! The one thing that we don’t love is pet odor, especially urine from pet’s accidents that soaks into your carpet leaving an unsightly smell and brown spot on your beautiful carpet. 

Sometimes when you get the mess cleaned up right away, you can often clean the urine to the point where visually you cannot see it- but the smell is still there!  The bacteria can permeate down beyond the visible fibers of your carpet, and unknowingly to you, can end up smelling up the room! 

Click here to learn more about our pet odor removal service!


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Water Damage Restoration

Emergency flooding is stressful! Let us take on the stress with Honolulu’s best flood and water restoration services here on Oahu!  restoration can put stress on you. Call us today so we can get started on removing that water, and get your carpets as good as new! 808-320-5100.

A small flood, rainwater entering the home, a burst pipe or overflowing bathtub can all lead to damage of your carpets! It is very difficult to clean your carpets on your own- because water permeates into the tiny fibers of your carpet and even if it seems dry to the touch- bacteria will start to grow with the humidity in the air. It’s important to utilize the industry’s best tools and techniques to ensure you don’t have to rip up all your carpet since it wasn’t cleaned properly! 

Click here to learn more about our Water and Flooding Restoration Services related to carpet! 


Stain Removal

Whether you have pet stains, water stains, wine stains, coffee stains, urine stains, dirt deep in the carpet, food stains that have been embedded into your carpets for months or even years – we are your go-to company to remove any and all of these unsightly stains! The sooner you give us a call to remove the stains in your carpet, the better! But even if the carpet stains are years old- we can accomplish any job! Give us a call today for all of your stain removal needs in Honolulu and on Oahu! 

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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Purchasing a home means beginning a financial investment that will last for the rest of your life. At Carpet Cleaner Honolulu, we will protect this financial investment by stopping dirt in its tracks, avoiding stains from ending up being irreversible, and offering you with quality service and an unparalleled expertise. When homeowners require the finest Tile and Grout Cleaning needs, they come to Carpet Cleaner Honolulu for all their tile and grout cleaning needs. Do you have light colored grout lines that have become nasty and dark, and even black? Let us WOW you with our one of a kind grout cleaning techniques that no one else on Oahu can accomplish! If you’re looking for a carpet cleaner on Oahu, give Carpet Cleaner Honolulu a call today! 808-320-5100.

Upholstery Cleaning

We can deep clean any of your upholstery in your home!   Couch and sofa cleaning, chair cleaning, any dirt or stains in your furniture, we can take care of! 

By only using eco-friendly cleaning products to get rid of dirt, odor and stains- our upholstery cleaning is not just efficient, but it’s safe for your family and pets! Our innovation for eliminating stains on your furniture, couch, chairs, loveseats / sofas or reclining chairs is upheld by the industry’s highest standard of practices. If you are looking for the best upholstery cleaning / couch / sofa  / furniture cleaning in Honolulu, or anywhere on Oahu- look no further than
Carpet Cleaner Honolulu! 

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Full List of Carpet Cleaning Services we Offer: 

  • Professional Carpet Cleaning Service
  • Stain Removal 
  • Removing Dirt or Stains in Area Rugs 
  • Upholstery Cleaning 
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service 
  • Wine and Coffee Stain Removal 
  • 24 Hour Water Damage / Drying Service 
  • Carpet Shampooing 
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning 
  • Pet Stain Removal 
  • Pet Odor Removal 
  • Water Damage Restoration 
  • Emergency Water Removal Service 
  • Green & Pet Safe Carpet Cleaning 

Wine and Coffee Stains

Do you have wine stains, coffee stains - or any gross stains in general that are making your carpet look dirty and unsightly? Give us a call today and we will professionally get your stains removed from the carpet in your home!

Professional Carpet Shampooing

Leave it to the professionals to shampoo your carpet. Here at Carpet Cleaner Honolulu, we can set up regular carpet shampooing appointments so that your carpets look sparkling clean all year round!

Pet Odor and Pet Hair Removal

Pet hair, pet odor and dirt from pets can build up and overtime- become so packed down into the fibers of the carpet that it almost feels impossible to clean. Let us come with our state of the art equipment and vacuums to get all the dirt out from the very smallest fibers- making your carpets look, feel and smell clean!

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We will Keep you and your Home Safe During Covid

We understand the importance of keeping your home and safe and clean as possible for the health of you and your family during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

During these trying times, we desired to let our customers understand that we’re here to serve them with the highest standards in cleanliness and safety. With highly enhanced safety policies and the best disinfectants available on the market today, we can help keep your home clean, healthy, and safe throughout the coronavirus pandemic. 

Our technicians are regularity tested for Covid-19 and will wear the proper facemasks / face shields while cleaning your carpets and servicing your home. 

Carpets that dry FAST!

On average our qualified professionals cut water usage by over 50% of what other business use, which not only conserves water, it keeps your dirt, grease, etc at the surface area of your carpet fibers. Our experts steam the carpet with the industry’s top tools, techniques and vacuums for outcomes that will ‘wow’ you!

Many other companies utilize a lot more water than we do, which ends up adding more water into the fibers of the carpet padding.  Especially with Hawaii’s humid climate, this often times causes the fibers of the carpet to develop in to a bacteria reproducing breeding ground. The last thing that you want in a humid climate is wet carpeting from carpet cleaning companies that are not utilizing the proper vacuums to dry the surface area accurately. 

Stain Removal That Is Truly Residue Free

We make sure we leave no residue behind when we complete our carpet cleaning jobs! Our intricate process includes a final steam that ensures all residue from any shampooing or vacuuming is not left behind for you to deal with!  Bid farewell to sticky, crispy, grey carpeting and hello to the softest, brightest carpet you’ve ever seen that smells fresh and clean! 

We are driven by values

Carpet Cleaners that are Honest in Honolulu 

At Carpet Cleaner Honolulu, one  of the things that we take incredibly serious, from the owners all the way to cleaning technicians, is being your friendly community carpet cleaners who just wish to supply exceptional pre and post client service. We strive to be the best deep cleaning carpet technicians in Honolulu, and we provide exceptional service throughout the whole island of Oahu. 

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Last minute bookings: 

We understand that life happens. Maybe you’re getting ready to host a dinner party and your pet decides to have an accident right in the middle of your beautiful white carpets just hours before your event. Emergency’s happen and that is why we strive to available for last minute carpet cleaning appointments. So if there is a last minute wine stain, coffee stain, pet urine or other stains from bodily functions, water damage or a stain on your carpet from anything else- give us a call and we will do our very best to get to you as soon as our expert carpet cleaning technicians can get to you! Here at Carpet Cleaner Honolulu you are not just a number to us like so many services from big box stores, but you are family. We totally understand that reserving your professional carpet cleaning in Honolulu ahead of time isn’t always possible. We understand that life throws us curveballs sometimes, in the form of pet poop stains.  If you and your household ends up having some sort of spill or have some last minute stain removal carpet cleaning needs, feel free to call your favorite carpet cleaner for professional carpet cleaning on Oahu! We will do our finest to fit you and your household in as quickly as possible, often even the very same day! We will offer you a complimentary price quote for any of your carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and carpet stain needs!

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services
Honolulu, Oahu

We understand the importance of keeping your home and safe and clean as possible for the health of you and your family during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

Are you in need of a commercial carpet cleaner for your place of business? Look no further than Carpet Cleaner Honolulu!

We can offer carpet cleaning services for your commercial place of business during business hours, or after-hours if that is what your place of business prefers.  Our expert crew of carpet cleaning technicians will work to always make your carpets stay clean and smelling great! It’s a good idea to schedule consistent carpet cleaning services at your office so that your facility always maintains proper cleanliness.  Our Full Commercial Carpet Cleaning package come with our pre-cleaner  regimen,  our state of the art carpet cleaning system,  soil lifter and grease lifter, deep cleaning, shampooing and deodorizer followed by proper drying in areas that need it.  

'My husband and I were convinced there was no way we could get our carpets cleaned and we would have to rip them out and start new. Carpet Cleaner Honolulu proved us wrong and had our carpets cleaned and looking as good as new! The process was a few days since our carpets needed so much work, but absolutely blown away at their service!"
Margaret S.
Hawaii Kai, HI
"We have several pets that live in our home, and we love them to death but they leave dirt in our carpets no matter how much we try to clean them. Ever since we started scheduling regular carpet cleaning services every 6 months, our carpets finally stay looking pristine. If you struggle with pet hair, pet stains or pet odor, start getting your carpets professionally cleaned!"
Nathan W.
Pearl City, HI
When we moved into our new home we were pretty overwhelmed at the stains and quality of our carpets. There were wine stains, coffee stains and some stains we have no clue what they were (gross). Carpet Cleaners Honolulu came in and completely shocked us with how white and clean our carpets now look. We highly recommend Carpet Cleaner Honolulu if you have stains in your carpet, and need your carpets professionally cleaned!"
Sean C.
Honolulu, HI

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